Geothermal for New Construction

If you are looking to build a new home in the Huntington area, you will find that WaterFurnace geothermal products are the optimal choice in today's day and age for heating and cooling your home. Huntington Heating & Cooling Inc.'s professional team will provide you with the highest quality planning assistance, installation, and service needs to make sure that your geothermal system fulfills all of your expectations and more.

Why should you choose WaterFurnace? WaterFurnace geothermal systems have been the homeowner's leading choice in the Huntington area because they have proven over time to provide the most earth friendly, energy-saving and efficient heating and cooling system in the marketplace today. Because of their commitment to customer satisfaction, they have continued to be a top leader in the marketplace year after year.

Not only that, the addition to your monthly payment is generally less than the monthly savings you’ll see by installing a geothermal system in new construction. The original layout can conveniently be rolled into your monthly mortgage payment as well. In turn, you can generate a cash surplus with the money you save in monthly operating costs. Even if you see your mortgage costs increase over time, the money you save with your new geothermal system will help make up for the difference. Now that is good news!

If you are residing in the Huntington area, please contact Huntington Heating & Cooling Inc., for more information on why geothermal is the top choice for residents building new homes. And be sure to check out our Geothermal Savings Calculator.